Luis E.



"Melt-your-heart CHARM and POWERFUL vocals"

- Theatre Is Easy, Antonio Minino on Pedro Pan, NYC

"Great HEART and childlike’s natural to IDENTIFY with him"

-NYtheater Now, Leta Tremblay on Pedro Pan, NYC

"Easy to fall in LOVE with"

- Manhattan With a Twist, Nelson Diaz-Marcano on Pedro Pan, NYC

"Out of this world vocals... MASTERFULLY portrayed the spirit of Angel"

-The Dressing Room News, Tawatha Valentine on Rent, Tallahassee

"The STRONGEST voice in the entire cast"

- Florida Theatre on Stage, Bill Hirschman on Wild Party, Boca Raton

"A STAND OUT as a great actor and singer"

- The Examiner, Richard Cameron on Wild Party, Boca Raton

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